Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pet Friendly New York City!

Find all the Pet friendly vacation planning info you need to take a trip with your canine companion! Check out Pet Friendly New York City and growing to more cities everyday at Pet Friendly North America!

Pet Friendly Dog Parks in New York!See our selection!
 dog park in new york
Central Park-Everyone must visit Central Park while they are in NYC – and you can bring Spot with you, too! Great article before you go to the park:
While there are no enclosed dog runs at this park, there are exactly 23 dog-friendly areas around the park where your dog CAN be off-leash. Be sure to check when the park’s off-leash hours are!(This pdf says it all.)

Pet Friendly Restaurants in New York!See our selection!
pet friendly restaurants in new york
Barking Dog - Looking for a great brunch spot that really focuses on the pet-friendly experience?  Come to Barking Dog!  Great food and great décor (tons of adorable doggie pictures all over its walls). 
map Phone: (212) 871-3900

Pet Day Care in New York!!See our selection!
doggy daycare in new york
Ritzy Canine Carriage House -Let’s hear three cheers (or barks/meows) for this fancy dog boarding and treatments facility!  This pet heaven includes private suites, massage appointments, outdoor skytop play solarium, gourmet room service/spa cuisine, orthopedic bedding, a veterinarian on the premises, and more! Phone: (212) 949 – 1818

Vets in New York!See our selection!
vet in new york
Cathedral Dog & Cat Hospital  -- This veterinary hospital has been around since the early 1950’s (wow!).  They are open late on weekdays and weekends in order to accommodate your busy schedule.  Plus, Dr. Fierman speaks Spanish, French, and Portuguese (and animals ;-) ). 
Phone: (212) 864 - 3631 (24 Hours)

Having Fun in New York!!See our selection!
fun in new york - theatre
Theater!!! -The dazzling lights of the Great White Way's theaters have fascinated fans nationwide for over a century, drawing our collective imagination like moths to a flame - or rather, to a blazing neon sign. To attend a Broadway show is to be part of an event that millions travel from around the world to enjoy, and millions more simply dream about. Book tickets now to see plays, musicals, and more on broadway and off broadway! To Book:

Traveling with a pet to New York!Heat, Cold and Scary Crowds
heated dog in new york
will be hot on your dog's pads, too."Their pads are just as sensitive as your feet," said Sybil Soukup, executive director of the Humane Society of North Iowa. Hot concrete/asphalt can burn your dog's pads.
Also, when taking your dog for a walk,make sure to have water with you. "If you want a water bottle, so does he," LaCoste said.

Download the NYC Official City Guide!

Listings for pet friendly hotels, by owner vacation rentals, restaurants, parks, car, boarding, veterinary and animal hospitals, and much more, visit Pet Friendly New York City, or Pet Friendly North America for a map of our cities- and we're expanding our site to new cities!

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